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Debugging ACM certificate stuck in 'Pending validation'

// Written by Arjun Komath

// Mon, Oct 24 2022

TL;DR My domain had a CNAME record pointing to Vercel, which had a CAA recording that prevented AWS from issuing certificates. The fix was to replace the CNAME record with an A record.

Debugging ACM certificate stuck in Pending validation

I had an interesting encounter with AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) recently. There was this certificate issued by ACM which had been working and renewing fine for several years now, but all of a sudden it couldn’t renew. I got the validation emails and I had successfully validated the renewal for both domains, but for some reason, the certificate just wouldn’t renew, it was simply stuck with this error “The status of this certificate renewal request is “Pending validation”. Further action is needed to validate and approve the certificate renewal“.

At first, I thought it might be some weird delay with ACM validation and ignored it (the error was not useful), but then I got my final warning regarding renewal, I was about to lose the certificate, uh oh!

Debugging ACM certificate stuck in Pending validation

I spend some time trying to debug, there were several other reports of the same issue in AWS forums and the solution suggested by most folks was adding a DNS CAA entry. It made sense and so I added a CAA entry to the root domain and decided to wait. Sadly that didn’t fix the issue.

DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) is an Internet security policy mechanism that allows domain name holders to indicate to certificate authorities whether they are authorized to issue digital certificates for a particular domain name.

I gave up and reach out to AWS support, they explained the situation. The problem was with CAA, but my fix was incorrect. Even though I had added CAA certificate for techulus.in, there was another subdomain in the middle that was causing the problem. The certificate I request was for *.capture.techulus.in, and capture.techulus.in had a CNAME record pointing to Vercel, which had its own CAA records and whenever we use a CNAME record, the CAA checked follows that domain (in my case cname.vercel-dns.com) instead of techulus.in. :faceplam:

So we’ve identified the problem, and all we need is a fix. Obviously, we cannot change CAA records for cname.vercel-dns.com (duh) and I don’t want to move away from Vercel. So I write to Vercel describing the problem, and they come back with a simple solution. Instead of using a CNAME record, just point my domain to Vercel using an A record and everything will be solved.

For future reference, identifying the problem is pretty easy, just use dig.

dig is a network administration command-line tool for querying the Domain Name System

dig CAA capture.techulus.in +short cname.vercel-dns.com. 0 issue "letsencrypt.org" 0 issue "globalsign.com"

While using CNAME record, we can clearly see that there is a CAA record (from Vercel) and it doesn’t have amazon.com, hence ACM cannot issue a certificate.

After changing the CNAME record to A record;

dig CAA capture.techulus.in +short

There is no CAA record, so it checks the parent domain.

dig CAA techulus.in +short 0 issue "amazon.com" 0 issue "globalsign.com" 0 issue "letsencrypt.org"

We’ve amazon.com, yay :)